Bye bye Preveza (18 April – 10 May 2017)

Andy arrived back on Vaila on the 18th April and worked on Vaila at Cleopatra yard. He fitted new sea clocks, completely replaced all the hoses on the sea toilet, serviced the engine and carried out countless other pre season jobs. So when I arrived on 2 May, Vaila was in the water with new antifouling on and a lovely polished hull and even a full fridge. Not much for me to do! Our friends Tony and Alison from Reveller also arrived, so we had a few sociable evenings along with Marc from Sundancer. Tony and Alison are making their way west this year, heading home to Britain eventually.


Afloat again and the Skipper is happy

We set off from Preveza on 6th May, heading through the Levkas canal in beautiful sunshine, along with about 12 Sailing Holidays yachts being delivered to their summer homes. There were quiet a few Scottish voices in evidence. The canal has been well dredged within new red and green buoys,  making life less “interesting”.



Going through the Levkas canal

It felt strange leaving Preveza knowing we would not be there again for a few years probably.
We spent a quiet night in Abelike, Meganissi and I had my first swim of the season. The next morning was not so good, as we had rain and a thunderstorm. When the weather had passed over, we set off for Kioni in Ithaka. It was so quiet when got to Kioni, we even managed to get on to the town quay. A couple of very large charter boats caused havoc when trying to come backwards but they eventually got tied up with much help and luckily no damage done to anyone.


Vaila second from left, a small boat beside the giant 50 footers!

We had a wee walk and ate at one of the Tavernas, enjoying being in this beautiful spot.


View from the Taverna,  Kioni

Our next stop was Poros on Kefalonia. We got in and tied up in the very shallow harbour by 4pm. Well needed showers at one of the apartment blocks and dinner high up on the headland at Taverna Agrapidos. Home grown meat and veg, the best Feta cheese I have ever tasted all washed down with delicious home made wine. Unfortunately, the wind and swell did not die down overnight so it was quire a disturbed night.
So now we are in Agios Nikolaos at the northern end of Zakynthos. We were here last year and it’s a lovely quiet spot and remarkably sheltered. It was quite a windy passage over from Kefalonia and great sailing, we’ll reefed in F4/5 SW wind. We are waiting for Sally to arrive tonight and then we are heading over to the Peloponnese for new places and adventures. Aegean here we come.


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