Thunderstorms and anchor knitting

We arrived home in Scotland last Wednesday and have been enjoying the bright autumn weather. Vaila is safely on land in Cleopatra marina amongst thousands of other boats.

We had a couple of eventful weeks before our sailing finished for the season. The week after Trina and Joe left was one of rain and frequent thunderstorms, culminating in a large storm overhead at Sami for about 45 minutes. The rain was lashing down and the sky was purple and black at 5pm with spectacular lightning. We were tied on to the quayside with the anchor at the front as usual, but unfortunately, the 48 foot boat next to us had not tightened their anchor sufficiently, so started pushing us sideways as the wind hit them. Andy had to motor forwards and steer so we did not get pushed into the boat on our other side. Luckily our anchor was strong enough to hold both boats. A bit scary and very frustrating as the French people on board the large yacht didn’t care and just shrugged their shoulders (the gallic shrug) when Andy suggested they tighten their anchor!! Luckily no damage done, but a stressful hour.
Our friend Paul arrived the next day and luckily the weather improved over the next few days and we got some good sailing. Paul had not been to Greece before so we enjoyed showing him some favourite spots and he enjoyed sampling the Greek food.


The two old codgers enjoying a beer in little Vathi, Meganissi 


The local cats enjoying a fish dinner


Rainy day in Vathi, Ithaka


The Venetian cannons, Vathi,  Ithaka

We also managed to demonstrate the anchor knitting untangling technique in Kalamos harbour, as George had squeezed about 50-60 yachts into the small harbour which led to mild chaos when leaving the next day!


Colours of Kalamos

We finished off in Preveza with a noisy Friday night on the town quay and then headed over to Cleopatra marina the next morning. Paul helped get the sails down and we continued with jobs once Paul had flown home on the Sunday.


Paul demonstrating a new sail folding technique

Lift out on the Monday went according to plan and Vaila was slotted in amongst 1000 other yachts on the hard standing. The cradles are strong and secured with chains to keep them secure during earthquakes, which happen frequently in the region.



We sailed/ motored about 1000 miles this year. It was lovely pottering around the islands and re visiting places we know. The Ionian has got really busy though, as some big charter companies have pulled out of Turkey and are now based in Greece. Perhaps it’s time to move on a bit again next year and explore some new parts of Greece ?

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