It was a Foque up kind of day (a bit like the referendum??)


We were anchored in a bay on the south side of Kastos, just enjoying a post lunch rest on Vaila, when we saw the line of wind approaching. It looked like it might be quite a good breeze so we got set to leave and pulled the anchor up. The wind was a lovely 10 knots. Within 10 minutes it was 20 knots and gusting 25 knots, so it was a great day for flying our staysail (“Foque” in Spanish as we had the sail made in Spain 2 years ago).
We had planned to stay overnight in Kastos but as that was not to be, we thought Meganissi might be nice. Unfortunately the wind changed to northerly, still 18 knots and people were leaving the anchorages on Meganissi as we approached about 5 pm. So, change of plan again and we headed for Vliho which is well sheltered with good holding. We were glad to stop after 28 miles and the Foque had proved it’s worth again allowing us to sail comfortably in a pretty strong wind.
Prior to Kastos we had been back to Paxos, an island south of Corfu. We anchored in Lakka the first night and luckily there was not much “Lakka rumba” going on. Last year boats were moving in all directions at anchor,  doing the Lakka dance . There was a noisy Greek wedding ashore though, so we found out the bride was from Australia and heard snatches of the speeches as the PA system was very loud!

We sailed into Gaios town but it’s very narrow and gets incredibly busy so we were happy not to stop.


Gaios in Paxos on a quiet day


Gaios, Paxos

We  spent a lovely night in Mongonissi bay at the south end of Paxos, tied stern to the shore. It was the first time we had done this with just the 2 of us. Andy swam the line ashore and it all worked really well.
We also arranged our winter storage for Vaila after Anne left. We are going to get hauled out at Cleopatra marina near Preveza in October. There is an airport only a 5 minute taxi ride away so it’s actually more convenient than Messalonghi and despite having to fly via Gatwick, it also works out cheaper.


Not such a nice day at Cleopatra marina



Fishing quay, Aktion, Preveza


Ali Pasha’s fort, Aktion. Andy Pasha climbing the wall!!

While at Preveza, we also visited the ruins of ancient Nikopolis, a city built by Octavius after the defeat of Anthony and Cleopatra in 31BC at the Battle of Actium near Preveza (hence the marina name). The ruins are extensive and almost devoid of visitors, so a lovely change from Delphi and Olympia.


Odeum, Nikopolis.  Partially restored and used for music performances.


Behind the Odeum at Nikopolis


Mosaic at Nikopolis

Now we are back in Messalonghi marina, where Vaila will stay for July and August. We had a massive thunderstorm yesterday which cleared the air a bit as it had been really muggy. I fly home on Tuesday in time for Kirsty’s hen do on the 2nd July and Andy comes home on the 6th July. We are very excited about seeing family and friends and about Kirsty and Chris’s wedding.
We are not so excited about the political turmoil that has been inflicted at home. We are embarrassed and ashamed and have taken down our red ensign in disgust! Now we are just flying the saltire. Luckily we are not at sea as we have to fly the ensign by law there. Everyone here in Greece is completely puzzled by the decision and it’s the talking point of all the nationalities here.
Let’s hope that by the time  we come back in September some sort of reality check will have set in.


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