A few days in the Maddalena Islands

We left Olbia on the 28 May after nearly 6 weeks there. It was good to be getting going but it was a great, safe place to keep Vaila with lots of beautiful anchorages close by and we enjoyed our stay there. It was strange motoring down the channel for the last time.


Leaving Olbia

We headed north to the Maddalena Islands, anchoring the first night and then coming into the marina in Maddalena town for 2 nights. This meant we could explore a bit on our bikes, knowing the boat was safely tied up. Maddalena town is touristy but very pretty with painted houses, palm trees and granite flag stones everywhere. All of the islands in this group are granite and are part of the national park, with strict rules about anchoring, going ashore etc.


Maddalena town

We headed across the causeway to the island of Caprera the first day. Just a short cycle of 6 miles round-trip. We visited Garibaldi’s house which was interesting. We did not know much about him before and his house/ small holding was very unassuming but in a stunning location. He is revered as one of the founding fathers of modern Italy but he was obviously a bit of a mercenary, fighting in south America and even helping the British in the Boer war. He came to South Shields at one point and allegedly  a biscuit factory there named biscuits after him!!



Garibaldi’s house

Yesterday we had a more challenging cycle round and up and over Maddalena for 20km. It was a tough cycle on small folding bikes but the views were stunning and we had lots of stops. I even managed my first swim of the trip, although Andy had conveniently “forgotten” his swimming shorts!!



Today we had a good sail round the northern group of islands in a fresh NW force 4 gusting 5. We are anchored in a fabulous spot called Dead Man’s Reef and we  are hoping that the motor cruiser next to us will leave soon.


Tomorrow we are bound for Corsica so our first touch of France. Time to dig out the French courtesy flag.

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