Back on Vaila

Well, here we are back in Vilagarcia and Vaila after 6 months at home. It’s nice to be back in familiar surroundings. When we arrived last Thursday afternoon it was a real heatwave (26 Degrees C). Unfortunately the weather has not been so nice since and we have had a lot of rain and wind. When the sun does come out it gets quite hot though and we have even had our shorts on. The locals are still mostly in winter garb! Vaila has been well looked after by the staff here and everyone seems pleased to see us again (we still owe them money!!).

Maybe it’s just as well that it’s not too hot at the moment, as there is a lot of work to do. After a few bad moments and delays due to fog last year, we decided to buy a radar system and AIS during the winter. This also meant getting a new chart plotter and Andy has been very busy during the winter fabricating all the bits of stainless steel for the radar mount and generally ensuring that it all goes together OK electronically. We sent 3 parcels out before we left with various bits in and brought the electronic kit in the hand luggage. Luckily all the parcels arrived OK and Andy is now putting everything together.

The town doesn’t appear to have changed much, just a few more empty shops. Most of the cafes and bars are still doing a roaring trade though and the “menu del dia” is still Euros 8.50 J . The really good thing as that the bars overlooking the Marina seem to be up for sale, so there has not been the excrutiating dance music all night at the weekend.

We are managing a walk along to Carril most days (unless it’s tipping down with rain) and have so far resisted the temptation to have a glass of wine half way along!


Andy on the way to Carril


The little harbour at Carril


A well deserved beer on board!


Don’t drop that piece!


Small park In Vilagarcia 


It is warmer here – Arum lilies growing outside.


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