Hola from Portosin

Thursday 12 September 2013

I thought I would quickly post another blog entry before we leave and go out of WiFi again tomorrow. We have enjoyed a few days here in Portosin although it has been more exciting than we thought, as there have been forest fires all around us. I am not surprised, as everything is tinder dry and there are a lot Eucalyptus trees in among the pines on all the hills. Last night the whole place was enveloped in smoke, which spread down the Ria in the near gale force NE wind. The smoke has been coming and going, with new fires springing up on other hills. The 2 seaplanes that are scooping up water have been going all day and at last seem to be making some progress. The wind has also died which probably helps the most. In the town the talk is all about the fires. We were in the Ferreteria (Ironmonger, not ferret shop!) when one of the customers told us that the firemen let the fires burn for a while so they become really big because then the central government have to pay for the damage and not the local government! It also keeps the firemen in a job!! He said bring back Franco and all the corruption would stop. Amazing what short memories some people have! 



One of the sea planes scooping up water

We had to have a second trip to the Ferreteria later today, as the first time we could not pay by card due to the internet being down because of the fires. The bank could not supply cash for the same reason. By tonight things are back to normal. We have to switch our gas cylinders from Calor Gas to Camping Gas as Calor is not widely used in Spain or anywhere on the Continent, hence the trip to the ironmongers.

We had a great outing to an iron age settlement about 10 miles down the coast yesterday “Castro de Barona”. It was a series of circular huts with defensive walls which was discovered as late as 1933. It was extensively excavated and some walls were “restored” in 2012, however the the feel of the place was authentic and not spoiled. As with so many things in Spain, the place was free to enter and had a small information centre on the main road. There were leaflets available in a few different languages, including English. We went on the local bus which was on time and cheap. Good to see a bit more of the countryside and the local people.







Views of Iron Age settlement “Castro de Barona”



Small lizard on the beach

Potosin is a lovely little town. The beaches are stunning but the water is freezing (12 Deg C) as it is just the open Atlantic.  Everywhere granite is used for houses, stores and even the fence of the Primary school.




Vaila in Portosin Marina

Further down the coast there are surfing beaches and people windsurf here. One chap was out the other night on his wind surfer when the wind was blowing about F6!



2 thoughts on “Hola from Portosin

  1. Pat Rebelo

    Hi Petra & Andy – quickly catching up with your exploits & it makes fascinating reading! Looks like a beautiful coastline too from your photos. I’ll be keen to hear what you think of Portugal once you get there – travel well & I hope the wind is in your favour.
    love Pat

    1. petraeag Post author

      Hi Pat. Yes we are thoroughly enjoying this part of the world. We only have 4 more weeks here, so are intending to leave the boat in this part of Spain for the winter. Therefore we will not get to Portugal until next year. Are you still planning on coming out to Portugal next year? If so it would be fun to meet up. Love from us both.


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