A Coruna take 2

01 September 2013

Can’t believe we are into September already. We have been away from home for nearly 2 months and it has been truly fantastic.With the odd exception of internet hassles, everything has gone well. We have spent another 3 nights here in A Coruna, waiting for the wind to get less strong, which will mean that tomorrow there will be no wind and we will end up motoring to the next anchorage! Sods law usually works like that.



Another view of the Tower of Hercules Lighthouse with a Dutch sailing barge going by.



In the last 3 days there have been 3 cruise ships in the harbour. This is obviously a very popular destination for those going to Portugal and beyond. It is a really beautiful city.



The main square with Statue of Maria Pita, the local heroine, who saw off the nasty Frances Drake when he tried to burn the town down!






The inside of the local government building (check out the marble!)

We visited the art gallery for a couple of hours this morning. Free entry at weekends which was a pleasant surprise :). One of the first paintings we saw was of Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags by Roberto Gonzales Fernandez. Apparently he spent some time in Edinburgh in the 1990s. Spooky or what!

We also came across an exhibition of cartoons featuring “Super Lopez” a Spanish version of Superman. It looked very funny, despite us not being able to read the speech bubble contents. resizeDSCF2388



We are setting off to the southern Rias tomorrow and hope to be getting round Cape Finistere in the next couple of days while the wind is light. So we will be off grid again for a few days at least.


And to finish….

This shark head is sticking out of the diving school that is part of the Marina here. Anyone for a quick dive????




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