Biscay here we come!!!

Well, since we last posted on this blog we have made it to Falmouth. We had a great trip over from the Isles of Scilly, with a lovely wind and we made all 63 miles in 12 hours. We arrived in Falmouth at 7pm and managing to raft up next to another Moody in the Visitor’s Yacht Haven. Andy’s sister, Sally, has joined us for the next leg of the trip and we have had a nice couple of days in Falmouth. Falmouth is by far the busiest port we have been in yet, with a naval dockyard and hundreds of boats of all shapes and sizes spread across the estuary, A friend of our’s , Paul, came all the way over from London to see us (and to visit his mum who lives in Falmouth) and was very helpful in taking us to a big supermarket to do a big shop. He also brought us a Cornish courtesy flag to fly on the boat. Many, many thanks Paul. We followed the shopping trip with an amazing Cornish cream tea provided by Paul’s 90 year old mum and 80 year old aunt 🙂  

We have stocked up with a week’s worth of food in preparation for a long trip across to the north of Spain. It will be the longest trip we have yet done and we are very glad to have another experienced hand to help.

After so many weeks of lovely weather, it is raining today and we are taking shelter in the local cafe. Planning to go the Maritime museum this afternoon. We hope to set off tomorrow morning for the trip across the Channel and hope to make it all the way to Northern Spain but may need to stop in West Brittany if the weather turns against us. At the moment, Wednesday looks a bit dodgy and we will make a final decision later today or tomorrow.



Approaching Falmouth


With our friend Paul on Vaila



The Biscay Team.

3 thoughts on “Biscay here we come!!!

  1. Anne Welch

    Good luck with the Bay of Biscay! really enjoyed reading your blog, what a wonderful trip, great photos, you both look so well and relaxed! Hope you have a save trip, looking forward to your next blog from Spain. Sailing on the Clyde next week – not quite as exciting as your trip, but looking forward to it! Love Anne

    1. Sandra

      You already look somewhere continental in your photos !
      Agree with Anne, you both look relaxed and happy.
      Good luck with the Bay of Biscay, “Keep calm and don’t get yer sails in a fankle”.

      1. petraeag Post author

        Hi Sandra, Just retrieved this from the Spam folder! As you can see we have made it across and are now relaxing in Gijon in Asturias. Its lovely to be here and settle in to the proper live aboard style and not have to rush anywhere. Are you still thinking of coming to join us? We are heading for La Corunna at the end of the week (it will probably take 3-4 days to get there). The Rias south of La Corunna are meant to be lovely so that would be a good place to join us. There are flights to la Corunna I think.
        Love Petra

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