The Isles of Scilly (no not the Scilly Isles)!

Well, we arrived here very late on Friday night after a challenging crossing of 174 miles from Wexford with F4/5 Southerly winds directly against us! We were hoping not to enter an unknown anchorage after dark but unfortunately the wind and moon did not oblige and we had to come in “flying on instruments”.  It was definitely great to have dropped the anchor and be in a safe and sheltered place. We slept well that night.

Although the crossing was challenging, it did have it’s amazing experiences. At dawn on the Friday morning I (Petra) was helming and was treated to a fabulous display from about 20 common dolphins for a whole hour. We also learned quite a few lessons about how much or how little we could actually do below decks when it is very rough!

Anyway, we have had a lovely few days in the Isles of Scilly. We have learned that you don’t say the locals have a Cornish accent (the harbour master nearly charged us double!) apparently the accent and the people are “Scillonian” and the islands are definitely not the Scilly Isles but the Isles of Scilly. We are moored in Tresco sound in green blue water with yellow sand beaches and palm trees and agapanthus growing wild everywhere. I have been to the gardens at Tresco Abbey which are full of Mediterranean plants with the wonderful backdrop of the islands. We have walked to castles and up the few hills on these islands and went over to Bryher today which is the smallest of the inhabited islands. Bryher is a more normal island with little small holdings and working boats. Tresco is the real spot for upmarket tourists with lots of beautiful holiday cottages. Mind you because of the posh visitors, the wee local shop (the Tresco stores) does stock a great selection of food including good gluten free stuff 🙂

We will probably be here until Wednesday as the forecast is for strong winds tomorrow and our next destination is Falmouth, the other side of the infamous Lizard peninsula, where we will meet up with Andy’s sister Sally.

Back to the boat now for a BBQ tea with some lovely fresh fish!



Tresco:our anchorage in the background


On the way to Tresco gardens



Tresco Abbey gardens



Cromwell’s Castle, Tresco



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